Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Las montañas, Castilla y León, Spain.

After the grandeur of Las Médulas, we had to do a relatively long drive through quite different scenery. It changed from lush green verdant valleys full of vines, fruit and nut trees to an area much drier, but still mountainous. It looks green from afar, but up close and personal it is quite dry. Our host of our bed and breakfast told us that it had been a very dry spring/summer period and she was a little worried about fires and the impact on the wine grapes and fruit trees in the area. It was evident in how dry the place was when looking at rivers and garden beds. What will the future of this part of Spain be?

After leaving our accommodation we wanted to visit a local castle, but like many things in Spain it was open at 10, we were there like good corporate workers at 830.... so off we went on the road.

Yes, it's looking dry, there was also evidence, in some parts, of fires that had gone through this valley. I couldn't tell how recent they were though.
After a few hours of driving we really hit the mountains, and the villages were very pretty here. Unfortunately, when we stopped off for some soup and a wine, as our "fuel" for the afternoon, we didn't take the camera in. It was a shame as the small bar had an amazing view of the mountains, even funnier was no one was paying attention as Celta Vigo was on the TV.
Looking quite jagged but cool.

This little church was only a few hundred years old, and now in a place next to rock climbing cliff faces, all mapped out below with routes to climb.

This bridge reminded me of the Świętokrzyski bridge here in Warsaw.
I really like this photo.
A village that was once thriving, then underwater, and not exposed again due to the dry period I mentioned earlier.

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