Monday, August 13, 2018

Bath, Somerset, UK.

Bath, yes please I smell. Well, maybe not, it is the morning still. But, the town of Bath is a really lovely place, grossly overpriced if you want to live there but fabulous for a day or two to see one of the Roman Empire's most important sites. People would travel for years to get there and experience the healing waters of the baths. Alas, I only drank the healing water. Still, I recommend it if you are out in the southwest of the UK.

I love a good vine coverage.
May really is early spring.
Sandstone monoliths.

I think the name tells you where we are.
The beauty of repetition, I said the beauty of repetition.

I don't think it is about a newspaper.

Inside the entry hall to the actual baths.

You just want to jump into this, it has to be healthy, right?

Throw in a coin for luck?

Why not a whole bunch of them?

She was running around like a headless chicken.

This is what real "spring" water looks like and doesn't come from a multinational company putting it in plastic bottles.
We have left the baths now, this is the River Avon, not a really big plunge pool ;)

Monday, August 06, 2018

Glastonbury and Frome, Somerset, UK.

Driving down from Lacock, to the south coast, we went through Frome. Frome is a pretty little town with some cool second hand shops, historical sites, interesting street art, and a really good coffee place Moo and Two although I am sure they would prefer to be called a tea shop. So good in fact, I had two coffees!

If a shop is abandoned why not decorate the window?
Seems corny.
I almost see a face here....
These are always so tempting....
St Johns Church

From the window seat at Moo and Two.

I love natures intrusions on our otherwise grey landscape.
After Frome we continued on down the trails to Glastonbury.
We climbed to the top of the Tor. The Glastonbury Tor also has a grisly past. Abbot Richard Whiting was executed here in 1549. Glastonbury Tor is also known as being one of the most spiritual sites in the country. Its pagan beliefs are still very much celebrated. You will notice some of the few remaining hippies of the world here!
Almost there.
Quite a view amongst the hippies, pagans and other day trippers.
some were too tired, others needed love.
The view, I have now figured out what makes the ticking sound and fixed it, I didn't know then.