Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Best Black and White Photos of 2018

The Annual Pilgrimage continues.
This is the 9th year I have done this for Colour and Black and White.
It is simple. Just click comment or message me about the photos you like so that I can judge which is the best photo.
I might give a random prize for a voter this year.... We'll see.
1. Grand Scale. Rome, Italy.
2. Trees and Columns. Rome, Italy.
3. Cool Time. Vatican, Italy.
4. USMI. Rome, Italy.
5. Corvid Crossing. Rome, Italy.
6. Testaccio Times. Rome, Italy.
7. Vatican Lights. Vatican, Italy.
8. Rough Finish. Warsaw, Poland.
9. Carrots sell. Liverpool, England.
10. What Bird Is That? Liverpool, England.
11. Picketing Fences. Crosby, England.
12. Dune Break. Crosby, England.
13. Dots and Spots. Warsaw, Poland.
14. Tis an Illusion. Warsaw, Poland.
15. Feet and Fountain. Warsaw, Poland.
16. Glossed Over. Gniezno, Poland.
17. Lake View. Stare Kramsko, Poland.

18. Spider's Washing. Mozów, Poland.
19. Paid the Ferryman. Brody, Poland.
20. Spiky Deception. Zielona Góra, Poland.
21. Ancient Cartography. Zielona Góra, Poland.
22. Rajst. Warsaw, Poland.
23. Shines and Steps. Geneva, Switzerland.
24. Organ Bird. Geneva, Switzerland.
25. The Big Book. Geneva, Switzerland.
26. Old Man of The Lake. Geneva, Switzerland.
27. Cheesy Rounds. Gruyeres, Switzerland.
28. Bath Out. Ripon, England.
29. Mountain Folk. Jura Mountains, France.

30. Clouds of Light. Jura Mountains, France.
31. Peak and Mist. Jura Mountains, France.
32. Take a Seat. Lausanne, Switzerland.
33. Cracked. Lausanne, Switzerland.
34. Vaulted. Lausanne, Switzerland.
35. Knobs. Lausanne, Switzerland.
36. Keyhole Steps. Lausanne, Switzerland.

37. Stones and Ruins. Bolton Abbey, England.
38. Broken Silhouette. Jervaulx Abbey, England.
39. Fly By. Bolton Abbey, England.
40. Average View. Kirkby Lonsdale, England.
41. Bunny Blushes. Kirkby Lonsdale, England.
42. Bridge and Bush. Kirkby Lonsdale, England.
43. Need to Straighten the Ship. Ripon, England.
44. Bookish Bibles. Ripon, England.