Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Lounging around Łódż part I

Ok, so we are really delving into history now. I have decided to finally get back into some blogging shenanigans. Let's head to the nearest city of repute to Warsaw, Łódż. No folks, I didn't just smash my keyboard in anger, that is the name of the town. It is pronounced Woodch, and actually translates as "boat", odd as the name is it was once a thriving industrial town, making loads of textiles, pre war it was also a third Jewish. It is now shrinking a lot due to people not having work, they are moving to Warsaw (even though it is an hour by train away), or further afield. That said, the movie industry of Poland is based here, and there are some really cool old buildings that would make, and are making, some great loft style apartments.

The new station.

Old school neons, as we were there in the day, I don't know if they work.

a dash of mural art.

A classic example of an old building that with a lick of pain and some love would be imposing.

More crumbling facades. A sight you see throughout Łódż.

Just stretching out the carpal tunnel.

'Tis Grand. To see some the few updated buildings try strolling down Piotrkowska street.

Windows in windows. Microsoft new product.

Eye, eye captain.

Hallway highlights

I'm not sure you should be leading blind people into a pole....

numbered corner.

This just feels heavy to me.

always love a bit of gate work.

Grannies windows reflecting windows.