Saturday, March 30, 2013

Egging the Easter

Needing something to do with your hard boiled eggs? How about grabbing some pencils and making your own scenes. It is surprisingly fun! You can create anything you want.


Needing a fire in the tropics?

Dreaming of some tropical weather.
Off to the tropics.

Down down
Mr bunny
Round the rabbit

Is this how you get eggs and bacon?

A rainbow trout or a gay pride fish.
Mr Giraffe

all cracked up

Too fun, and too easy.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


 On the road again.... well up in the air anyway.

A trip to Rome in December, what can be better, a time when it isn't so busy, not so hot, and just a great place to be. History, Romance, Food, Wine, and above all wall to wall coffee. I couldn't wait to get there. It certainly was a nice thing to dream of during the months leading up to it.

And we arrived at twilight.

Look at all those Parma hams!

Mercato di Campo Fiori

Bialetti heaven.

Sweets and my sweetie

The chestnut mafia

birthday prosecco

Coffee on the go at Sant Eustachio

The entrance to the ridiculously popular at all times of the day Sant Eustachio!
Pantheon front.
Oh I want this cool gown

One of my dinner companions

And the prettier one.

All the way to Rome for beans?!

And some delicious veal
And some rabbit
A good start, no?

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