Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kilkenny, County Kilkenny, Ireland

Kilkenny, a pretty little town in the middle of the country... well kind of. It is famous in Australia and the States as it is the maker of Kilkenny ale, which is something like Smithwicks but not quite the same. Anyway, here they make Smithwicks and Kilkenny... until the end of this year (I think) as they have been bought out by the some company that bought Guiness and it will be now made in the Dublin plant. It will of course effect the flavour, but who knows, maybe it will be better.....

Kilkenny is a town full of pretty old buildings and plenty a pub amongst them. A great place to get your mouth watered.

A story of witchery is related to this pub.

Langtons, for a refined drinking and dining environment.

Mr Moran's bar?

Bridge over the River Nore

It got too much for some....

I like that the shop holds the man meats, Pork, Beef, Chicken and Bacon.

The brewery

Original church on brewery grounds

Urine samples? I asked "No, it is budwiser we make here for tasting and quality control" replied our guide "So I was right then" I responded.

Finishing pint one for all

Our tour guide trying to keep us quite

Love in a glass or two

Love with a glass, or two

pretty much sums up Kilkenny to us. A brewery, and beer on every corner. Strongly recommended.

Monday, October 21, 2013

On the Road, Ireland

Some snaps from stops along the road. The best thing about hire cars, is that you can stop anywhere, turn around to see things and take your time.


On the road towards Galway from the south you can turn left outside of Kilcolgan you must stop at Morans

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