Friday, September 30, 2011

Copernicus, Copernicus where for art thou Copernicus

The answer to the question above, is of course........ Torun. We've been working hard lately, hence the limited blog updates and we decided we needed to get away to extend the life experience a little. Almost exactly 2 years ago we had planned a trip to Torun, firstly it was horrid weather, then the next weekend I was sick, the weekend after that it was Marty's turn to get sick. The next week winter hit us and it was nearing December and we just put it off, never getting back to it until this week. We had been slaving away not really getting time for many things between us and so knew that something needed to be done. One of the main reasons I am happy to live in Europe is that a) travel is easier to more exotic locations and b) there is a world or more correctly and "Old World" that can be explored not far from home. 211km NW of Warsaw you hit the town of Torun, once part of the Hanseatic league, still the home of the most fabulous gingerbread (pierniki in Polish), probably most famous for once being the home to Nicolaus Copernicus (or much sweeter in Polish Mikołaj Kopernik) the father of moving the earth around the sun and not vice versa.
The view from the hotel window
New town market square
New town market square

New town architecture

Kościół Trójcy Świętej (Holy Trinity Evangelical Church) in the new town market square

Griffin's aloft

3D photos of Torun

Is this how you make a camera with 3D
Bronzed apples anyone?
For a man that loves to wear hats I have to put up a photo of the guild coat of arms of Hat makers of Torun. All the guild coat of arms lined the main shopping precinct in similar formats and in a pretty tribute.
A beautiful ceramic dragon

Lounging around on the street.

The story of the dragon
The day is getting close to a close
The home of Pierniki in Torun the pierniki museum.

How could you ignore the house of chocolate?!
Where absolutely EVERYONE goes in Torun, the pierniki shop.

Up close and personal

And the sun sets
Which means off to the famous Pierogarnia of Stary Torun

I chose to have the devil's baked pierogi with garlic sauce

Looks good inside.

Marty chose to have the roast pork with plum.
So that is the end of day one.

Monday, September 26, 2011

In the Ghetto

Just a couple of quick pics to whet your appetite on a Monday morning, as I had a couple of cancelled classes this morning allows me time to have a play on the interweb. Enjoy websters and webettes.

Make it your own. I should have a series of men without shirts or homeless men looking cool.

It seems every city in Poland has a John Paul the second street (Jana Pawła II)

Jana Pawła II shadows

Jana Pawła II a really cool mural on a residential building. Now this is what people should be doing with their boring facades! Of course there is a political message in this, but still it is just nice to see something creative.

I love how the window is his mouth! If only I could paint......

Such a nice and simple way to fill up a building. No?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another what is it

In the ever stuttering competition of strange things I take pictures of here is another. See if you can guess what it is?

Another from the what the heck is that file :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Plac Grzybowski

Recently in Warsaw, there has been lots of "upgrading" of places in the city. I put it into quotations as many people feel these are not upgrades in fact the opposite. Some are complaining even if the locations are returning to their original formats. I guess it is hard to keep some happy. However, they may not have seen Plac Grzybowski (sorry it's in Polish) but it kind of translates to Mushroomish Square.... or something like that. Anyway, Hania (pronounced Hun-ya) the Mayor of Warsaw, she could also be called Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, if you wanted to be formal, has indeed been busy. She has done a fantastic job here with her town architect and the people who assisted in taking an extremely boring and bland square and making it into a place that people will actually want to spend time in.

A great place to kick off your shoes and read a book
Or maybe you could just splash about.

There is long benches for laying back

And chairs for kicking back

There of course is a religious affiliate present

It must be a macho society as the men have stolen all the seats!
But there is a balance with many beautiful wild flower plantations around the square

With all manner of flowers

All colours

All styles

And some friendly locals

a Pair Pillaging the Pollen

While people relax in the sun
The Jewish area that they are renovating note the photos of one time local people

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some food finally

I haven't been putting up as many photos of food lately, compared to earlier in my time here in Poland. I have been in a bread baking frenzy over the last few months. Learning about different styles. Mostly focusing on the Polish traditional sour dough variety which is great for many reasons. It is filling, it is all natural, and it has low salt content. It also lasts a longer time than store bought "Western or French" style breads, and it toasts up an absolute treat.

My first ever ciabatta
cuts well

looks decent

Roast new season potatoes, anyone?

Massively mutant strawberry, but it sure tasted good.
Chocolate chocolate chocolate chip biscuits.
Potato pie
Oh yes, it was that good!
Spot of sparkling.
Blackberries, the best of the berries
How you eat them, with muesli, greek yoghurt, bran flakes and great organic honey

Slow cooked beef shank in leek and red wine

A traditional Saturday morning at the markets. Please excuse the plastic bags, but we do reuse and recycle them.... if that makes it mildly better......
I make most of my breads from starter, this is a starter originally given to me by an amazing student I have.  So thanks a lot Miss I.A and your fabulous sister for the starter.  
The mixed milled grains I add for extra fibre
There are many ways to make them. This bread is coming from a well worked dough.

Let it rise then punch it down once or twice.

And you get a great crusty grainy sour dough loaf. Minus any chemicals and E numbers. Great with some home made jams!

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