Monday, September 26, 2011

In the Ghetto

Just a couple of quick pics to whet your appetite on a Monday morning, as I had a couple of cancelled classes this morning allows me time to have a play on the interweb. Enjoy websters and webettes.

Make it your own. I should have a series of men without shirts or homeless men looking cool.

It seems every city in Poland has a John Paul the second street (Jana Pawła II)

Jana Pawła II shadows

Jana Pawła II a really cool mural on a residential building. Now this is what people should be doing with their boring facades! Of course there is a political message in this, but still it is just nice to see something creative.

I love how the window is his mouth! If only I could paint......

Such a nice and simple way to fill up a building. No?


Accelerated Stall said...

I'm enjoying the shadow and graffiti shots - Poland is a place I don't hear much about so seeing it w/you is a treat. Thanks

Gee Em said...

No problem. Glad you like them, Poland was a place I hadn't heard much about before the first time I came here. It really is a truly surprising country!

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