Friday, September 09, 2011

Wawa and storms

Warsaw in summer is funnily tropical. Well, it is to someone from an extremely dry country. This year, we had some torrential rain, which reminded me of the "knock em down" (Banggerreng in the local Aboriginal dialect) storms I experienced in my 6months in Darwin way back in 2000. Then later we experienced lots of lightning and thunder, some really near to the house feeling like we were having a religious experience. You can imagine why people of past generations felt that their gods were angry when they heard such loud sounds. The advantage of all this patchy weather of course is that you get some really pretty light shows. Either as lightning or as bursts through clouds or the ever fanciful rainbow.

As we start our, hopefully, slow slide into Autumn, I thought I should get back to the good old sweaty days in Warsaw. With some photos of the stormy times.

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