Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Göteborg the finale.

So off to beers? Well, not instantly. We need to stroll and see some more first. But, never fear, a beverage or 3 are certainly in the planning. First, we shall stroll our way through the Haga district, probably one of the prettiest parts of Göteborg, then to the bar.

In Göteborg they don't have footpaths for just normal people.... Sometimes things that haven't evolved yet.

The buildings can tend to be nice and repetitive how I like them.

The streets didn't really appear to be pumping though.

The blondes were out though.

The architecture ranges from classical, to neogothical to Landshövdingehus

Oh and more door porn

Hardcore door porn

The details are just amazing

Hand carved parts are just fabulous. Where has today's handy work gone?
And all of that was in one amazing door!
More cool kids

This creature has got the eye of the tiger, the spirit of a lion

and the boobs of Pamela Anderson

At one stage I thought I had my own real time theme music.

Haga is a really beautiful district full of the coolest cool kids, but I do love the little robot in the window

There are lots of old English connections through the contact with the East India Company

Great little details about.
More cool kids
So after strolling through a lot of Göteborg and ending up in the beautiful Haga, it was really time to get the parched lads a throat moistener. So it was off to the Bishop's Arms which has an amazing array of beers on tap as well as bottled. It has multiple locations in the country and three in Göteborg. We got in a couple of rounds of great stouts.

Them be guitar playing fingers.

Plenty of beers and ciders on the go

Cheers to the first Europe FUCC trip with Mallard, Coops, Potty and the bearded one
We ducked off for another quick look around Haga while the others jumped into another round. I love these socks!

Did you fart?

Part of the reason we ducked off, to pop into this hat shop

I purchased a brand spanking new Lock and Co. Hatters flat cap!

Even the pigeons get table service in Sweden
Then back to the bish

Another round of  different and still fabulous stouts!

This and the next 5 pictures are all from a fountain in Järntorget right in front of the Bishop's Arms.

The real brickies labourer :)

Then it was time to head home, nice to see the bricks getting used in different ways

Local scenery
Nice brickwork and complementary mouldings as well for the folk library.

I just love these tights! Poo brown covers any problems, and looks like a bad spray tan.
The beautiful houses of Sweden link nicely to nature
A fitting sunset for our last evening
The oddity of hair in sun

Our last night was here. Thank again to the magical Icelanders Þórhildur and Þórður!

The last lake of Sweden for us. I had to include this, because by taking this photo I made us miss the bus and incurred the wrath of Marty who wanted to get in some extra shopping before we left. Shame we missed that.......


Shaun Cooper said...

a cracking final day mate - pity the sun didnt kick in until you left!

Gee Em said...

It was indeed, sun was the only thing lacking. Thanks for taking myself and the Mrs about and showing us some quick sights of Gtown.

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