Thursday, September 15, 2011

Plac Grzybowski

Recently in Warsaw, there has been lots of "upgrading" of places in the city. I put it into quotations as many people feel these are not upgrades in fact the opposite. Some are complaining even if the locations are returning to their original formats. I guess it is hard to keep some happy. However, they may not have seen Plac Grzybowski (sorry it's in Polish) but it kind of translates to Mushroomish Square.... or something like that. Anyway, Hania (pronounced Hun-ya) the Mayor of Warsaw, she could also be called Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, if you wanted to be formal, has indeed been busy. She has done a fantastic job here with her town architect and the people who assisted in taking an extremely boring and bland square and making it into a place that people will actually want to spend time in.

A great place to kick off your shoes and read a book
Or maybe you could just splash about.

There is long benches for laying back

And chairs for kicking back

There of course is a religious affiliate present

It must be a macho society as the men have stolen all the seats!
But there is a balance with many beautiful wild flower plantations around the square

With all manner of flowers

All colours

All styles

And some friendly locals

a Pair Pillaging the Pollen

While people relax in the sun
The Jewish area that they are renovating note the photos of one time local people


Paddy said...

Very nice pictures again Gee. Really like it. Hadn't realised they'd done it up, to be honest!

Gee Em said...

Yeah it was pretty darned ugly before, some would even suggest fugly, if you catch on to my Australian vernacular. They re-routed the traffic and it really has a much better feel to it now.

Erin said...

wow..the photos of the Jewish people on the old building is rather eerie...

Gee Em said...

They are rather eerie, but there is something about old photos in a large print that I really love. Especially in a place you wouldn't expect. I think if i was really wealthy I would get them printed and sneak out at night and put them up somewhere. :)

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