Friday, September 30, 2011

Copernicus, Copernicus where for art thou Copernicus

The answer to the question above, is of course........ Torun. We've been working hard lately, hence the limited blog updates and we decided we needed to get away to extend the life experience a little. Almost exactly 2 years ago we had planned a trip to Torun, firstly it was horrid weather, then the next weekend I was sick, the weekend after that it was Marty's turn to get sick. The next week winter hit us and it was nearing December and we just put it off, never getting back to it until this week. We had been slaving away not really getting time for many things between us and so knew that something needed to be done. One of the main reasons I am happy to live in Europe is that a) travel is easier to more exotic locations and b) there is a world or more correctly and "Old World" that can be explored not far from home. 211km NW of Warsaw you hit the town of Torun, once part of the Hanseatic league, still the home of the most fabulous gingerbread (pierniki in Polish), probably most famous for once being the home to Nicolaus Copernicus (or much sweeter in Polish Mikołaj Kopernik) the father of moving the earth around the sun and not vice versa.
The view from the hotel window
New town market square
New town market square

New town architecture

Kościół Trójcy Świętej (Holy Trinity Evangelical Church) in the new town market square

Griffin's aloft

3D photos of Torun

Is this how you make a camera with 3D
Bronzed apples anyone?
For a man that loves to wear hats I have to put up a photo of the guild coat of arms of Hat makers of Torun. All the guild coat of arms lined the main shopping precinct in similar formats and in a pretty tribute.
A beautiful ceramic dragon

Lounging around on the street.

The story of the dragon
The day is getting close to a close
The home of Pierniki in Torun the pierniki museum.

How could you ignore the house of chocolate?!
Where absolutely EVERYONE goes in Torun, the pierniki shop.

Up close and personal

And the sun sets
Which means off to the famous Pierogarnia of Stary Torun

I chose to have the devil's baked pierogi with garlic sauce

Looks good inside.

Marty chose to have the roast pork with plum.
So that is the end of day one.

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