Sunday, July 28, 2013

Plac Grzybowski

I have visited the central area of Warsaw more recently as we have had some visitors from Poland and abroad. One friend asked me to take some photos to show the transformation of the area. I thought it would be a good idea to show how it did look 
when I visited it some years ago after its original transformation and then now. 

The first picture is from the original visit when they commenced working on the building on the right. Then of course, following is what we have now.

How it was

How it is now.

 You can play in the ponds

Two symbols of Polish oppression

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Product Review - Cornelius - Ciemny Pszeniczny

Cornelius - Ciemny Pszeniczny
   *Product Review*

Brewery: Sulimar
Alcohol: 5%
Volume: 500ml
Cost: 2.90PLN

Reddish brown in colour, a white head with a slight yellow colour to it. Not overly gaseous.

Aroma: Herbaceous and malty sweetness, but overall very light on aroma.

In the mouth: A touch of sweetness, dark chocolatey, a hint of  rhubarb or gooseberry tart. Smooth across the tongue and finishes with this fuity nice tartness.

Drink with: Interesting beer, you could even have it with a desert I would suggest good with a pudding, chocolate is preferred, or maybe golden syrup pudding.... now I am hungry!

 A pleasant beer, easily drinkable, but probably not something you would want to drink more than one of.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Favignana, Egadi, Sicily, Italy. Tre. The view

So, to tidy up the remainder of Favignana we wanted to get an overall view. Time to head to the castle.

We met some friends on the way.
They just kept on coming too.

Halfway up and we locked up the bikes and took the stairs/ramp.
And it was worth it. A spectacular view.
Panorama view
To the next islands in the group
The town looks so crystal clean from here.

The long way to the top.

The Tonnara

We heard lots of giggles coming from in here, it looks funny now, but when 6 grown men walk out of this little space and then you later find it was the forts toilet makes it even funnier.

An old radio from the war as this was a communications post.

Stop off late at night for some sweets
and it ends up packaged so well.
The harbour by night.
The path to the fort is lit lightly at night.

night stalls

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The walk home on the last night is always the longest.
Next stop Marsala!

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