Sunday, July 28, 2013

Plac Grzybowski

I have visited the central area of Warsaw more recently as we have had some visitors from Poland and abroad. One friend asked me to take some photos to show the transformation of the area. I thought it would be a good idea to show how it did look 
when I visited it some years ago after its original transformation and then now. 

The first picture is from the original visit when they commenced working on the building on the right. Then of course, following is what we have now.

How it was

How it is now.

 You can play in the ponds

Two symbols of Polish oppression


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe my eyes: these photos are heartbreaking! I was in Warsaw in 2010 and Ulica Prozna was one of the most moving place that I saw. It's very sad seeing what they do to this place. A slap to the memory.
What's your opinion, Garth?

Greetings from Roma (Italy),

Gee Em said...

Hi Carlotta, I am really unsure as to what to think. I would have preferred the buildings to be left as red brick, as I really love that look.

I am not sure what their plans are for the northern side of the street. I do like that the square has been redeveloped as now it feels more loved, but I am not sure what the new reconstruction adds to this area. I guess at least it is nice to see that someone cared enough to not knock down the building....

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Garth! I'm in love with Warsaw and Poland, and I really like to read your blog! Please, post more on Plac Grzybowski's changes.

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