Monday, July 01, 2013

Product review: Konstancin - Starodawne



*Product Review*

 Brewery: Kompania Piwowarska
Alcohol: 6%
Volume: 500ml
Cost: about 3.40PLN

Lager yellow tan. Nice head that hung around for about half the drink.

Aroma: Unripe apricots, grass, but pleasant.

In the mouth:
Grassy and fresh, a hint of young stone fruit, hoppy.

Drink with:
A really pleasant beer, we drink it with food loaded with garlic and it went down a treat. I would say this is one that can go well with many things due to its subtle tastes and smells. Take it was things strong in flavour, duck, lamb or marinated BBQed things.
Overall: We really liked it, maybe it was just the right day for it, maybe it complimented our vegetarian feast or maybe it is just good.... we'll go with the last one.

(but unfortunately there are no English details of this beer, funnily enough they are also not in Polish either, just the Dawne

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