Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Favignana, Egadi, Sicily, Italy. Tre. The view

So, to tidy up the remainder of Favignana we wanted to get an overall view. Time to head to the castle.

We met some friends on the way.
They just kept on coming too.

Halfway up and we locked up the bikes and took the stairs/ramp.
And it was worth it. A spectacular view.
Panorama view
To the next islands in the group
The town looks so crystal clean from here.

The long way to the top.

The Tonnara

We heard lots of giggles coming from in here, it looks funny now, but when 6 grown men walk out of this little space and then you later find it was the forts toilet makes it even funnier.

An old radio from the war as this was a communications post.

Stop off late at night for some sweets
and it ends up packaged so well.
The harbour by night.
The path to the fort is lit lightly at night.

night stalls

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The walk home on the last night is always the longest.
Next stop Marsala!


m.m. said...

I want to go... to there....

Gee Em said...

You should, it really is a magical place. There's donkey, cow, and goat friends to find.

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