Thursday, July 04, 2013

Favignana, Egadi Islands, Sicily, Italy.

The Egadi Islands (or Aegadian Islands) are a small group of islands off the Western end of Sicily. The name means islands of the goats which is funny, as I only saw about 2 or 3 goats the whole time! Favignana is the biggest, and therefore most touristic, of these islands and only a 40minute ferry ride from Trapani. If you are in the area I strongly recommend that you visit at least one of the islands.

On the way the ferry stops briefly at Levanzo

The small neighbour is less touristy but still beautiful, please excuse the photos they are taken through the ferry windows.

So what is this?

It becomes this....

Or this if it doesn't flower. :) Yes it was a caper berry.

Favignana isn't home of many beautiful beaches, but there are lots of pretty small rocky coves scared over the island.

Of course Sicily is home to cannoli and there were some great ones at our local bakery.

Harbour panorama
Main square

Breakfast by the water
Desserts in Sicily are the things my dreams are made of.

Hey friend.

They loved being fed fennel, Donkeys with taste

When girls do this it looks sexy and cute, when I do it, it looks like an albino monkey has landed.

Rocky, but not the movie

A sheep!

Prickly pear, delicacy here, pest in Australia

This photo is taken with my camera set to super high levels of sensitivity to light. It was a super super dark tunnel, but cool and refreshing on a hot day

The sun sets again.

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