Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Favignana, Egadi, Sicily, Italy. Due.

Cutting the chit, chat. Plenty of photos to peruse. Enjoy.

Fried donuty type cannoli.
Chocolate cannoli
Traditional cream cannoli right and Cassata left
The happy baker
Great things here.
Old Sandstone "tuffa" quarry.
I never expected wheat here, especially so early in the year.
Beautiful water, not so much of a beach.
More panorama
Bue Marina panorama

Plenty of people on bikes
Stop.... coffee time.
If you have ever watched Seinfeld surely you must stop at the Costanza bakery, plus it is excellent.
Home made past lunch with olives, parmesan, and fresh grilled tuna
Totally radicchio
Simple lines
These two aren't getting lost.
And then it rained! Of all things, I never epected this.
Not too many were prepared.
A quick break and on with the powderpuff girls helmet.
Town hall.
The Tonnaria

A touch more rain

The anchor weights for the old runa nets, no longer used

Repetative seating
Time to hurry home before the next shower.


m.m. said...

Looks like somewhere I would like to be! :)

Gee Em said...

I know you would love it there!

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