Monday, November 28, 2011

Australia II - more than just a yacht

If anyone ever gets to the city of Adelaide, the easiest thing to visit and for my mind the best is the Adelaide Central Markets. I posted about this place last time I was in Adelaide for a reason. I just love it. Like I love Hale Mirowskie and my local sprawling Ursynow market place here in Warsaw and all the ones I have visited through Italy, France, Croatia, Holland, Spain, Portugal, England, NZ, and a few other countries. But, for me the Adelaide Central Markets compare to all the best I have visited in Europe and are better in some ways as they incorporate cafes, souvenir shops, restaurants which spill out along Gouger Street to the North of the markets. Here you can buy anything from French sheep cheese to kangaroo to partridges to crocodile to fresh Asian vegetables. It is all here under one roof, easy to access, and with the cheapest car park in the city centre. If you really feel like something high end you can even pop out to the Hilton hotel which sits next to the markets and try some of local quasi-celebratory chef Dennis Leslie's well-refined South Australian produce at The Brasserie.

 Me, I am too poor for that and dress a bit like a hobo so don't quite fit in there, so instead we ate on the run, also as we didn't have time and because I was desperate to get into my favourite laksa at Asian Gourmet right in the middle of the market. Let's go shopping!
Marty jumping into a French pastry at Breads 'N' More

Duck handling at one of the cafes

I love how "House of Organics" lay out their shop. Always a visual delight
This photo is for all the Polish men. I know they love Sausage... pun?

And again.
Probably the best Cheese Shop in the market.

Marty wondering why it is called Smelly....
Yeah I blame the Poles too.
What could these mean?

Oh yeah! Seafood Laksa Time!

Angelakis Bros. for all the best Fish and some really great game too. Shame no one else wanted to eat these with me.
So instead I invested in tentacles, and plenty of them! On the BBQ are delicious!
Recently when in Sweden I was saying how expensive Kurki were then I found them in Adelaide $AUD150kg means on current exchange rates is nearly PLN500, Sweden was PLN67 here we pay about PLN20! Wow.... Export Market?

Give you an idea about the Central Markets

So off home to the gang, to cook up some purchases

We wanted to combine a few tastes, so I stuffed a squid tube with prawns and a little garlic, adding our Polishness in the form of Pearled barley with olive oil and a simple salad of greens with ruby grapefruit and a light yoghurt dressing.

It was accompanied by a gorgeous twilight

As it fades it reminds me of Poland and our beautiful Spring/Summer twilights

Even the Adelaide glow looks decent in twilight

The next day when in Adelaide's shopping "High street" Rundle Mall we saw the Christmas decorations had gone up

Where is also plenty of street art in Rundle Mall
And a little street photography

And a of course their big Santa needs big balls
Off the Mall are many quaint arcades

You can even see some quaint architecture
At the end of another tiring day, it was time for a glass of wine and a chance to unwind.
With a great little sunset helping us

Colouring up a treat

And wishing us well on our holiday.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Adders for 2012

As you may have guessed from the previous travel based posts we were on our way to Australia, Straya, the land Down Under, Oz, or as I call it Home. Yes, even though I have a visa here and still feel Polish in some ways, I don't think, without fluent language, any ability to drink straight vodka and a driving death wish, I can truly call myself Polish.

So, how do I bring you the amazing time I spent back in Adelaide without putting you through the fun of sorting out all my "old" stuff in a huge garage, learning to kill millipedes by the millions, eating all the "favourite" foods, or drinking copious amounts of wine, beer, cider, port, whiskey, vodka, oh, yeah, and water. Got to have water......

Rather than bore the pants off you with my extreme witty wordsmithery, I think I shall just post photos up and see how they are received.


Or is that Rainbows.....
Gotta get over that hill for a pot of gold!
Everyone wants to get in on the photos

Looks good in B&W too
Speaking of B&W that is the colours of the local gang

They even try house breaks
Anyone who reads this, knows I like my food but these guys make it hard to....
The non-stop pressure makes you relent sometimes.
So, instead off to the beach for our "traditional" sushi, oh look soft sand!
Good to see some dune life

Big white beach
Sushi to go
I think the quote here is "Yum!"

Can't talk eating
Jump if you are happy
I love this sequence

Paddle fun
Beach bits
More beach bits.

Creative Spam

Ahhhh sometimes you get emails about your blogs, sometimes you get comments. Most of the time people just read it, and pass by, or steal photos for school projects or the like. Then you get something like this.....


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Seemingly personal yet there in lies the fault. Spam and one from a bot like this one relies on someone believing everything they read. Being a blogger you actually end up more defensive than many people as you get a lot of this sort of "link to my site" traffic. Either way appealing to a simple mans vanity may work on occasions, I at least had a good laugh at this one. I'd prefer if he had just got me a deal on viagra or want to put the $US10M from Uganda into my bank account.... I will live in hope.

P.S. I know it is not true as I have analytics to tell me how long people spend on my blog ;)

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