Wednesday, November 09, 2011

On a big airplane

Sometimes you just need to get on a big jet plane. Like Angus and Jules here. So off to the airport we go. Being a tourist lets you enjoy many facets of life, which is a huge part of why I (we) travel. It allows you to appreciate where you live and where you could live, but mostly what life can bring you and you can share with others. Come take a flight.

Reflection on travel

Can be full of warnings

Sometimes lonely

Sometimes through others eyes
Far away

Or up close and personal

It should bring your life colour

Whilst organising it all
So after our quick up and down flight from Warsaw we get off our plane in Germany and stop for our classical pre-long haul flight fare.

A schnitzel, what could make it better?
A beer lurking in the background!
Bring on the trip.


Paddy said...

Look forward to more pics! You certainly get about!

Gee Em said...

Travel is the essence to life, in my eyes. :)

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