Saturday, November 26, 2011

Creative Spam

Ahhhh sometimes you get emails about your blogs, sometimes you get comments. Most of the time people just read it, and pass by, or steal photos for school projects or the like. Then you get something like this.....


I just want to thank you for your wonderful blog

I read the post "Singing in Singas" and then I spent another hour on your blog by reading your posts with pleasure :) Every article is interesting and easy to read. I really like the "On a big airplane".

I work for Jooble company, we aggregate job adverts around the world.

My job is to persuade bloggers to link to our site.

I really love my job! We have a friendly team and good management, but unfortunately I have no idea how to convince a blogger to link to us, I'm afraid I might lose my job because of it :(

And that is why, instead of sending letters to thousands of different blogs, I am reading yours.

Honestly, I am not really sure if the link to our website in United Kingdom -, will be appropriate for your blog, but if you believe it will and you can add it, I would be really grateful to you! Our site is really cool, it can greatly help hundreds of people to find jobs.

I wish you to have a good day and excellent mood! Thanks again for your nice blog. Write more! Thanks!

Logo JoobleBest regards,

Serge Lavange
Account Manager

Seemingly personal yet there in lies the fault. Spam and one from a bot like this one relies on someone believing everything they read. Being a blogger you actually end up more defensive than many people as you get a lot of this sort of "link to my site" traffic. Either way appealing to a simple mans vanity may work on occasions, I at least had a good laugh at this one. I'd prefer if he had just got me a deal on viagra or want to put the $US10M from Uganda into my bank account.... I will live in hope.

P.S. I know it is not true as I have analytics to tell me how long people spend on my blog ;)

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