Friday, November 11, 2011

Singing in Singas

So a whistle stop tour of Singapore on the way to Straya. Like every trip to Asia, in fact every trip to anywhere, it is basically about food for me. So let's start with our first food tour near our overnight stay in downtown Changi.

The lighting of our first open air restaurant.

Chicken wings, limited supply only!
Don't forget your dipping sauce

Sugar Cane Juice.... as sweet as it sounds
Steamed Chicken with chilli

Heavily steamed Marty
Okra with Sambal

Fried Cuttlefish Paste
You can take a Pole out of Poland but you can't stop them getting their dumplings fix, these are prawn

As we started to leave it really got pumping.
For the kids who think they need it.

Where we went night swimming in our hotel

Great stop to paddle and watch the planes land
Breakfast for me in Asia, will almost always be noodles. Mee goreng and egg here.
Marty went with the chicken mince pancake

Enough time for a stroll along the boardwalk

A really, really great thing, strolling in the shade while the sun belts down
Then off to the multi-terminal airport that is Changi. Of course passing my favourite restaurant for fish cakes.

And some more seafood

And super spicy (perfectly if you ask me) minced chicken
All enough to keep you wide awake while you while away the 10 hours in the airport

If you are in the Changi airport make sure to go to the butterfly house to relax a little.

Next a big plane to Straya

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