Sunday, February 07, 2016

Snowy matter.

With all the lovely fresh winter weather, I have hardly left the house with my camera in hand. In fact, I've hardly left the house. Even today on a beautiful sunny Sunday I only left to go to the pool to swim! God, what has happened to me. Not being able to run has really put me down. It used to be a great reason to get out of the house. But here are a few of the winter pics I have taken. It would appear there aren't going to be any more snow photos this year.... fingers crossed.

Zamek path. 
Very lightly snowed angels.
You certainly need a path to the bin. That is an environmentally friendly path!
Dusted dudes.
You gotta love....
Dear Straż Miejska, I don't think this car is moving.....

Even the birds weren't happy with this.
I do love a snow trail though. 
So now we have this instead.
Buds slowly coming forth 
Bridges in the sun
And glowing bolts.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Konstancin town.

Wow, I just found this in my draft files of the blog. I didn't know I hadn't posted it. From a bike ride near Konstancin about 18 months ago, there are some pretty photos. I haven't really been active on the photography front because of a foot injury and the cold weather. I am sure I will kick into it soon.... ish.

Riding to Konstancin was quite easy, it isn't far from town. But, heading out to Habdzin is less fun, people driving like maniacs on small narrow winding roads. Such is the life where bikes, vegetarianism and renewable energy aren't traditionally Polish... sigh.

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