Sunday, February 07, 2016

Snowy matter.

With all the lovely fresh winter weather, I have hardly left the house with my camera in hand. In fact, I've hardly left the house. Even today on a beautiful sunny Sunday I only left to go to the pool to swim! God, what has happened to me. Not being able to run has really put me down. It used to be a great reason to get out of the house. But here are a few of the winter pics I have taken. It would appear there aren't going to be any more snow photos this year.... fingers crossed.

Zamek path. 
Very lightly snowed angels.
You certainly need a path to the bin. That is an environmentally friendly path!
Dusted dudes.
You gotta love....
Dear Straż Miejska, I don't think this car is moving.....

Even the birds weren't happy with this.
I do love a snow trail though. 
So now we have this instead.
Buds slowly coming forth 
Bridges in the sun
And glowing bolts.

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