Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Noto, Sicily.

Noto, the town known for its tufa stone buildings. They have a honey colouring and the majority of the older town is made of this stone. There are many hints of Sicilian Baroque around the town and a great place to view this is around the Villadorata Palace. A stroll down the Corso Vittorio Emanuele will let you see most of the important sites without having to deviate, I am sure the rest of the town is lovely, although somewhat hilly. That said, we could only stop over on our way to Syracuse. So 1.5 hours later we were back on the road, that said it was certainly worth the stop off to see the nice buildings and get a rest from sitting down all the time in the car.

Noto Cathedral 

Not Town hall.

Duomo interior.

 A balcony of the Villadorata palace.

The one on the left looks like a Maori Hei-tiki 

is it just me or does this look like a person with their mouth padlocked? Just me? Ok...

It looks like Warsaw's fish with boobs has moved to Sicily for some sun.

I must admit, Warsaw, along with Italy and Spain have made me truly fall in love with courtyards. They are such a great thing when done well.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cava d'Ispica, Sicilia

The caves of Ispica are actually something pretty darned impressive and cool. Both cool in a literal sense, as they are caves after all, but also more in the impressive sense. There is archaeological evidence that dates back to the prehistoric times, but the majority of the tombs themselves were there up to the late 17th century. They are really impressive, and to be buried in these small permanent coffins must have been some sort of honour. If you are the south of Sicily, go for a poke around the park, it is easy to get around, has some interesting information and for a couple of Euros you won't be able to get something this cool anywhere else in all of Europe (for my mind anyway).

hand carved, this must have taken quite some time!

Friday, August 12, 2016

More Modica

Let's rock this last day in Modica, a cool little town. Made of chocolate, old buildings, cats and churches. Or so the photos would suggest.
Another day in paradise.

From big walls little flowers grow.

What time is it?
Don't ask this guy. 

Time for a rest?

I am not a big one for churches, but Italians do them, and do them big.

It was en-lightening.... sorry cornball city.
I'll drink to that. Cheers.
So some nero d'avola one of the best things to come out of Sicily.

Amen brother(s).
Ok, just a little more holy wine.

And here we end, a great place Modica, What on earth could be next?

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