Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Product Review: Książęce- Jasne - Ryżowe (Edycja Limitowana)

Książęce- Jasne - Ryżowe

(Edycja Limitowana)

*Product Review*

Brewery: Kompania Piwowarska
Alcohol: 4.5%
Volume: 500ml
Cost: 2.79PLN

Light yellow in fact very pale, as if it was cider. Light airy head that lasted a while.

Aroma: Rye, grass, sharp, maybe even some zestiness.

In the mouth:
Bitter, quite bitter, it tastes of endive, yes an odd thing to taste, but it means it is bitter but still juicy and full flavoured. It had a graininess in taste not texture.

Drink with:
This was a surprisingly refreshing beer, to have something combined with Rice is a real treat. I was surprised I enjoyed it so much and it didn't last long. I think being 4.5% it really is a good summer beer. I'd say this would go well with squid, onion rings or mussels. Also just with salads that contain grains like buckwheat, barley etc.

Surprisingly good, I bought it a few weeks back but had been drinking plenty of wine in the mean time and kept forgetting to try it. But I am glad I bought it. I think this is probably their best beer of the series.
(but unfortunately there is no English details of this beer but there are in Polish http://www.kp.pl/nasze-marki/ksiazece-ryzowe/ )

Monday, June 24, 2013

Big book festival and more.

Last weekend Warsaw had a whole series of events all for different reasons one of which was to celebrate the big book festival. Which is an initiative to get people reading again, after recent surveys in Poland have been less than exciting suggestion that last year more than 60% of people did not read a single book in either paper or electronic form. There are ideas to change this such as here and events like this are trying to get people more into books. As you may see on here I read regularly and I am a slow reader so there really is no reason at all not to read. It is a great way to get your brain flowing, creative and to increase your word base.... well maybe not mine.

So on this weekend, first we cruised through Jazdow, a park that houses a small palace and the only Michelin star restaurant in Warsaw, Atelier Amaro.the market there and the displays seemed interesting but it was about 110% hipster and after I heard someone call after their dog with the name "Sushi" I thought it was best we head off.

We headed down Agrykola and then along the river on the West bank and down on the East.

Street Art going up.

People enjoying the sun on a bar/boat on the Wisla/Vistula.

Take a balloon ride over the Vistula with these guys for only 40PLN (but we'd rather spend that on a burger)

The burger we had at Barn Burger... yum! They have great, not overly cheap, but great burgers.

There there was the big book festival, they were planning to have a record of the most people reading in one place at one time. So you needed to register yourself, and your book.

Our "little" Lithuanian friend Viola came along to be part of it.

Oh selfies with mum, how cute.

Let the reading commence

Keep hydrated though.

Everyone is enjoying books...

Hey, that's cheating! Read your own book.

There was plenty of people snapping away while we read, I returned the favour

A big group of school kids got the numbers up

You needed sunglasses if you wanted to read out there.
Overall it was a great initiative and I hope that the media associated with it got it some good publicity.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Time is going by fast.

Oh dear, you know it has been a wet start to the "warm season" when there are already chanterelles (locally called Kurki or little hens if you translate it) to be found at the market. So we might as well start eating them. Today they were 38PLN or about $AUD12 a kilo.

Scrambled and decent.

A piece of fresh ciabatta and some locally hand made pork sausage we also had a green salad on the side, it wasn't just white, yellow and pink for breakfast!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Erice, Sicily, Italy

I could never imagine myself  falling in love at all, but I always seem to do it since moving to Europe. Of course first it was my lovely wife and since then it has been many things elderflowers, coffee, Galway, Guinness...... This time it is with the mountain top town of Erice. It is amazing, and just a magical magical place. I want to move there now!
Excitement abound
Funicular view
The streets are paved with... marble.
What is it? It is a man
And a woman
As the town has a tradition of ceramics many houses chose to have their names on a plaque at the door.

^^^This is a video ^^^^
Lazy days
ahhhhh so this is what they do :D
a pop of colour
Adornments to a traditional cart
Heck even the moon is chilled out here
^^^This is a video ^^^^
Sometimes in Erice with the warm Med air rising rapidly up this hill and clouds forming you feel like you are in the Andes.
Windy windy path
^^^This is a video ^^^^
A great performer on the old squeeze box, and the two old men next to the cart would sit there when ever you gave money to the busker they would be first guessing then secondly asking your nationality. It was hilarious.
The hilltop town is famous for their cannoli at many locations including Caffe San Giuliano. They apologised profusely because the ricotta was too runny. It wasn't bad, but this one was too sweet for me. 
There are plenty of other things to try here at Caffe San Giuliano but there are also many other pasticcera
The entrance
Fishy knockers

And back on the funicular home.
Now some panoramas.
If anyone is going to Sicily and the North Western end of the island I recommend thoroughly going to Erice. It is fantastic, and I am sure you will fall in love with it like me.

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