Thursday, June 06, 2013

Trapani, Sicily, Italy.

I'll get back to talking about Warsaw at some stage, but we went to Sicily, to Trapani on the Western end to be specific. I liked it, a lot. You would too. Check it out, give the poorest region of Italy some of your hard earned, it needs it, and it is lovely.

Salted Sards

She's got wings

Rusty and Crusty

Looks stormy, but it wasn't

A trolley of herbs.

Local tuna, delicious and salty.

The garlic truck

The fresh mornings catch

Tutti Tutti.

Cous cous and fish fish

grill me that squid!

A grumpy local

bottle beach

House of the maimed

A neta, she broke my heart in a letter

beach treasure

One of my new favourites

One of my old favourites

A neta again.

The bay of Trapani
Allegedly the best Pizza in Trapani, it was pretty darned good too! Since 1946.

Granita, yum.

Tonno, a great reason to get to this end of Sicily.

It just tastes awesome when this fresh.


agnieszka said...

Wspaniałe zdjęcia. Takimi właśnie obrazami myślę o mojej ukochanej Sycylii!

Gee Em said...

dziękuję Aglnieszka! Tak Sycylii jest bardzo bardzo piękne! :)

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