Thursday, June 13, 2013

Erice, Sicily, Italy

I could never imagine myself  falling in love at all, but I always seem to do it since moving to Europe. Of course first it was my lovely wife and since then it has been many things elderflowers, coffee, Galway, Guinness...... This time it is with the mountain top town of Erice. It is amazing, and just a magical magical place. I want to move there now!
Excitement abound
Funicular view
The streets are paved with... marble.
What is it? It is a man
And a woman
As the town has a tradition of ceramics many houses chose to have their names on a plaque at the door.

^^^This is a video ^^^^
Lazy days
ahhhhh so this is what they do :D
a pop of colour
Adornments to a traditional cart
Heck even the moon is chilled out here
^^^This is a video ^^^^
Sometimes in Erice with the warm Med air rising rapidly up this hill and clouds forming you feel like you are in the Andes.
Windy windy path
^^^This is a video ^^^^
A great performer on the old squeeze box, and the two old men next to the cart would sit there when ever you gave money to the busker they would be first guessing then secondly asking your nationality. It was hilarious.
The hilltop town is famous for their cannoli at many locations including Caffe San Giuliano. They apologised profusely because the ricotta was too runny. It wasn't bad, but this one was too sweet for me. 
There are plenty of other things to try here at Caffe San Giuliano but there are also many other pasticcera
The entrance
Fishy knockers

And back on the funicular home.
Now some panoramas.
If anyone is going to Sicily and the North Western end of the island I recommend thoroughly going to Erice. It is fantastic, and I am sure you will fall in love with it like me.

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