Monday, August 29, 2011

Hitting the Gborg streets - Saluhall

After our quick bite to eat it was off for a whistle stop tour of Gborg. The team Cooper was about to lose a member so it was the Aussies and a token Pole along for the ride to check out the sites in what looked like it would be a wet morning. So, I got in early and suggested we hit up the food hall Mr Cooper had told me about. I am ALWAYS excited about food markets. I wonder how efficient the Swedes can run food....

Time to Get a Grip
I don't know what it says but a nice way to write up the menu

As you know, we love a market

Let's tour the old Saluhallen

There is a hustle and a bustle

My crabs turned mutant!

Fish, I like

Salmon, to me, looks better in black and white

Saft through it.

Prawns are us. 119SEK, 45PLN, 17.80AUD, 13Euro, 18.90USD, 11.50GBP a kilo. Yum.

Wildlife meats.

I love Swedish thin bread tradition

Merengue, always look better than they taste

Sweet breads

Snack attack

Marzipan cups

Lasagne with salad and a coffee for $10AUD, the place to eat in Gotenburg. Hence the crowd.

Kid love

Oh cheese, how I adore thee

Mmmm more cheese

It's quality, the sign says so.

Kok bar, attracts the right type

Kok and delicately

Fish shops in Sweden smell sweet

Makes a man wonder

How great berries are.

And how much more expensive they are in Sweden. 25SEK is 11PLN here in Poland we would pay between 4-10PLN per kilo of strawbs, a punnet of rasps is about 5PLN and for blueberries about 4PLN. You know where the bargains are!

My favourite mushroom Chanterelle here at 68PLN/kg here is about 20PLN/kg!!
So, we can see Sweden has some fantastic produce, yes it is more expensive in Sweden than Poland. To put it in context though their GDP per cap. is $47,934 and Poland's is $12,300 so comparatively speaking Sweden is a bargain compared to Poland in this case! Hmmm, tough choice of where to live now.....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Around the Gborg city central

So after finally finding our way through the suburbs of Gborg to the delightful house of my fantastic Icelandic connection, namely Þórhildur and Þórður, we cooked some dinner and relaxed a little. The next day we came back to meet the quasi locals of Coops and Meels to head for some brunch in the Trädgårdsföreningen in Central Gborg. It is full of manicured lawns, sculptures and pretty plants and their blooms. We were just there for food, and coffee, not a botanical tour though.
I dare suggest the sign speaks for itself.... if you speak Swedish
Off to feed the gang

Someone walking funny
Ominous clouds

Is it the Red Light District?
Nope, just a very busy cafe
And what is that?

More globules
The little almost Schnitty looks good

The blondest of the gang
More than the Red head Dad

Sharing peas

Happy with the peas
I think someone is about to steal some food

Yep, I was right.

Scent of a woman

Swedish stocks
Dogs aren't barking
Not so happy chappy

He is even crying bird poo!
Now time to get a look around, poke into alleys, shops, things we knew not what they be.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gborg station start of the sites.

The start of our new adventure was to begin from one of my favourite places in Göteborg, the train station. I think it is a great place just to snap away as people aren't really surprised by cameras and well, it is good to blend in and not look all paparazzi sometimes. It is times like this I wish I had forever to just stand there and snap away rather than have a town to see, food to eat, and beer to drink. But, someone has to do the tough things!
For some reason I really like this picture, is it the boots, the masses of cases or the longing in her eyes?

The names Moo, Marty Moo. Licence to be revoked

Picture of a photographer, klasyczny

Face and face

I love the guy in the wig, looks like a German Schlager singer

What do you mean you don't have a ticket?
Someone hates it when you just gotta match!
I think the best thing about any form of travel is actually the simplest thing, that you just get to see something you haven't seen. Just something to stimulate your old noggin and to let you appreciate that things can be different but, it doesn't mean good or bad, just purely different. 

Ernest Hemmingway once said Writing and travel broaden your ass if not your mind and I like to write standing up." I don't think travel just broadens the ass or arse as I would say nor just the mind, I think it opens the latter to show you that the world functions in so many different ways. Sometimes with seeming ease, other times with huge difficulty. Whether it is the girls of Göteborg all wearing converse shoes, with white shirts and shorts. Or something more obtuse, but equally important, such as acceptance of different nations into another. It is all there in Göteborg, and we found it in the microcosm of the train station.

Life - it is indeed good. 

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