Monday, August 01, 2011

Swerving in Sverige, Getting Garth to Göteborg

So we took a week up in the place which sends us here in Poland weather. Sweden, yes the home of IKEA, ABBA and Volvo from the modern to the annoyingly catchy to the just plain boring. So we hoped to enjoy all of these things. I hadn't been to Sweden since 1998, and those were the days of backpacking hostels, cheap beers, staring at the blondest of the blonde secretaries of Stockholm in awe, and staying in the beautiful southern areas around Ängelholm and Båstad. This time we were off to Mariestad and Göteborg to catch up with some FUCCers. No I am not swearing, it is old boys from one of my spiritual homes, Flinders University Cricket Club. The FUCCers do get around the world. At present, as far as I am aware, we are in Ireland, England, Poland (of course), USA, Canada, all major cities in Australia, and obviously Sweden.

So, we set sail, or rather flight, to Göteborg. The second biggest city in Sweden, and home to the aforementioned Volvo and the Liseberg amusement park. Funnily enough, we never got there. Basically, as we were heading for Mariestad which is a small city on the Lake Vänern which is the largest lake in Scandinavia, largest in the EU and third largest in Europe. Which is about twice the size of Luxembourg.

Miss Em getting gas bagging away

The thing you notice about the Swedes is that blonde is really blonde

Plenty of bikes at the station

The sun is glowing, as is EmEmEm

Time for a lie down as we wait for the train
Long legs and stumpy shadows
This was one of the very few girls in Sweden that wore heels.

The Polish girls would be shocked!

The city of Göteborg all laid out in map form
The geologist nerd came out in me, I loved that the train station floor has fossils in it. Most people just think they are weird chewing gum constructions. Not I, I was walking around looking down for the first time in a long time. Details people!

Look at them, so pretty!

This one got chopped for the tile. But, it is still cool

You just have to love some parts of being a science nerd I think these are some form of Nautiloid but hey, it has been a long time since my world in the rock lab.

So we jumped on the train to Töreboda full of sunshine and hope
 Next stop after some fascinating place names like Floby was to be Töreboda, sometimes referred to as Tora Bora. Happy times ahead. 


TEFL SecretAgent said...

Any colour pictures of the blonde hair?

and more importantly, the beer - is it still cheap?

Gee Em said...

I think there may be some Blone pics coming up. As I shoot in RAW and B&W I still have these ones in Colour as well :) I will wack one up now for you. And no the beer is certainly not cheap. We were paying about 60SEK in a pub so around about 26PLN! Nuts. I sure we could have found cheaper, but we were thirsty.

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