Monday, August 29, 2011

Hitting the Gborg streets - Saluhall

After our quick bite to eat it was off for a whistle stop tour of Gborg. The team Cooper was about to lose a member so it was the Aussies and a token Pole along for the ride to check out the sites in what looked like it would be a wet morning. So, I got in early and suggested we hit up the food hall Mr Cooper had told me about. I am ALWAYS excited about food markets. I wonder how efficient the Swedes can run food....

Time to Get a Grip
I don't know what it says but a nice way to write up the menu

As you know, we love a market

Let's tour the old Saluhallen

There is a hustle and a bustle

My crabs turned mutant!

Fish, I like

Salmon, to me, looks better in black and white

Saft through it.

Prawns are us. 119SEK, 45PLN, 17.80AUD, 13Euro, 18.90USD, 11.50GBP a kilo. Yum.

Wildlife meats.

I love Swedish thin bread tradition

Merengue, always look better than they taste

Sweet breads

Snack attack

Marzipan cups

Lasagne with salad and a coffee for $10AUD, the place to eat in Gotenburg. Hence the crowd.

Kid love

Oh cheese, how I adore thee

Mmmm more cheese

It's quality, the sign says so.

Kok bar, attracts the right type

Kok and delicately

Fish shops in Sweden smell sweet

Makes a man wonder

How great berries are.

And how much more expensive they are in Sweden. 25SEK is 11PLN here in Poland we would pay between 4-10PLN per kilo of strawbs, a punnet of rasps is about 5PLN and for blueberries about 4PLN. You know where the bargains are!

My favourite mushroom Chanterelle here at 68PLN/kg here is about 20PLN/kg!!
So, we can see Sweden has some fantastic produce, yes it is more expensive in Sweden than Poland. To put it in context though their GDP per cap. is $47,934 and Poland's is $12,300 so comparatively speaking Sweden is a bargain compared to Poland in this case! Hmmm, tough choice of where to live now.....

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