Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Around the Gborg city central

So after finally finding our way through the suburbs of Gborg to the delightful house of my fantastic Icelandic connection, namely Þórhildur and Þórður, we cooked some dinner and relaxed a little. The next day we came back to meet the quasi locals of Coops and Meels to head for some brunch in the Trädgårdsföreningen in Central Gborg. It is full of manicured lawns, sculptures and pretty plants and their blooms. We were just there for food, and coffee, not a botanical tour though.
I dare suggest the sign speaks for itself.... if you speak Swedish
Off to feed the gang

Someone walking funny
Ominous clouds

Is it the Red Light District?
Nope, just a very busy cafe
And what is that?

More globules
The little almost Schnitty looks good

The blondest of the gang
More than the Red head Dad

Sharing peas

Happy with the peas
I think someone is about to steal some food

Yep, I was right.

Scent of a woman

Swedish stocks
Dogs aren't barking
Not so happy chappy

He is even crying bird poo!
Now time to get a look around, poke into alleys, shops, things we knew not what they be.

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