Monday, June 13, 2016

BIEG KONSTYTUCJI 3 MAJA - The 3rd of May Constitution run

Every year this run goes past our area, so I thought I'd pop out and take some photos. It is a pretty cool run because it is only 5km, yet each year I haven't run it as it fills up so fast, and this year I was totally injured, broken and depressed that I couldn't run. One of the funniest things of these inner city runs is how car drivers can't/don't understand that it happens every year on the same day. No matter how much advertising, promotion and notification people in cars are still so self obsessed that they get angry, swear at police and drive like maniacs around back streets. Seriously, people in cars you all need to just calm down, maybe you'd be less angry if you went for a run.... just an idea.
No, these guys weren't running..... I hope.
First man coming through, second just in the background.
Not far from the last corner to the finish line, there is no catching him now.
First woman, powering on.

Second woman was actually quite a way behind.

The odd pop of colour to show how hard some are working.

The colours of the field are always fun, even when the run shirt is a navy blue people bring out some multicolours.

Patriotic dog caused some problems.

Someone looks angry that dad didn't try harder.
People tease me about my flouro colours, but they are everywhere.

A change of perspective. Shows early spring blooming.
This gives an idea of the number of runners.
When running and people clap, it is great to clap back. All the positive support out there is a real driver to the finish line!
But let's face it, it is all about having some fun. Right Ron
Gary keeping it real for WITC as he powers home.
Just to prove it was early spring here are some blossoms, and some rain clouds coming in behind :)

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Biegnij Warszawo Nocą z Legią - Run Warsaw at night with Legia

To celebrate Legia's 100th year in existence they organised a night run along with the "Run Warsaw" people. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of Legia for reasons I won't bother going into here, but the run went past our place, so I thought heck why not watch. At first we had the fun of watching the Police and Straż Miejska really badly organise traffic, it even got dangerous when a taxi driver became, or should I say proved, he is a complete arse and nearly ran over the Straż guy directing traffic and then driving away down the street he was told not to. I wish I had taken a photo of his car to have his numberplate. Hindsight. Anyway, then along came the runners, it was a balmy evening, so many people were feeling the last km where we stood.
Here come the first runners

striding and sweaty

First woman, but I was still working out my camera settings. Damn.

Getting good light balances now.

Then I decided to switch to B&W

Loving the pain.

Legia shirts old and new

Like wolves, in packs

The hair has lift off

Legia signs a plenty 

Got to love some leopard print

Just checking in with the security detail.

Loving the phone glow to light up his number

When a car surprises everyone by putting on their lights

cheeky grin

This man is an advertising campaign

Happy birthday indeed.

Running makes me smile too.

It is hot work out there.

A pop of colour.... or two

clapping the supporters

zen like.

looks like meditation.

Kiss and run, instead of the ZTM kiss and ride campaign

a new perspective

getting creative

like an abstract painting

run my little blur run.

check out the mobile phones going past.

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