Saturday, June 04, 2016

Sicilia - The Etna edition

Sicilia, it is a beautiful, beautiful place. I am amazed at how it is not more popular with tourists when it has all that one could ask for. History, nature, fabulous food and wine, beaches, sun... I mean what does it lack? Oh yes, it isn't glamorous. But, to me, that is the attraction. I don't know what influence the mafia has there any more, if it is still so big or if it is nominal but it could be a great place to live. After falling for the western end of the island around Trapani, Erice and Favignana a few years back we ventured to the eastern end around Etna to start to see what we could find. Let's see what it is....
The view from our airbnb location, beautiful.
Being there in early spring we got to see wild flowers everywhere.

The almonds were in blossom.

There are prickly pears everywhere.
The accommodation had some great nature around.

It wasn't my bad photography the tracks are this angle.
Lots of terracing on the steep hills around Etna.

The classic Mediterranean life. 
I guess you have to have pasta sometime in Sicily, why not start with it and some local home made wine.
The local church, looking a little worse for wear.

Train station for the train from Catania to Taormina 
Maybe it was time for a drive, head off to the beautiful volcano side town of Zafferana Etnea and grab a local pastry and coffee.

It was the height of oranges and artichokes too.

A little meat.
The little volcano of Etna.

The pretty little town of Sant'Alfio

Sometimes old and loved is beautiful
And there ends the day.

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