Sunday, June 05, 2016

Biegnij Warszawo Nocą z Legią - Run Warsaw at night with Legia

To celebrate Legia's 100th year in existence they organised a night run along with the "Run Warsaw" people. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of Legia for reasons I won't bother going into here, but the run went past our place, so I thought heck why not watch. At first we had the fun of watching the Police and Straż Miejska really badly organise traffic, it even got dangerous when a taxi driver became, or should I say proved, he is a complete arse and nearly ran over the Straż guy directing traffic and then driving away down the street he was told not to. I wish I had taken a photo of his car to have his numberplate. Hindsight. Anyway, then along came the runners, it was a balmy evening, so many people were feeling the last km where we stood.
Here come the first runners

striding and sweaty

First woman, but I was still working out my camera settings. Damn.

Getting good light balances now.

Then I decided to switch to B&W

Loving the pain.

Legia shirts old and new

Like wolves, in packs

The hair has lift off

Legia signs a plenty 

Got to love some leopard print

Just checking in with the security detail.

Loving the phone glow to light up his number

When a car surprises everyone by putting on their lights

cheeky grin

This man is an advertising campaign

Happy birthday indeed.

Running makes me smile too.

It is hot work out there.

A pop of colour.... or two

clapping the supporters

zen like.

looks like meditation.

Kiss and run, instead of the ZTM kiss and ride campaign

a new perspective

getting creative

like an abstract painting

run my little blur run.

check out the mobile phones going past.

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