Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Roll out the FUCCs Sverige Stylee

So the boys rolled up. What would be next?

The first shipment
Get the barbie crackling
Coops bowls one down
The Mallard has a swing
Next ball
Got him!
Then a lost ball
A Havaianas blow out
A poor Havaianas copy
Someone getting really thorny.

A casual cider in the sun

Conversations and laughter
Then two sneak away
Where might they be going?
They are off fishing!

But they are in need of supplies
The Splash to the rescue

Look at that oarmanship

And the beers are delivered

Then off goes the Splash on its own mission

Now returning after reaching the other bank

So elegant

I think it looked a little Titanic-esc

And Coops seems to be doing all the work
But they have returned to see the fishermen
Who had arrived earlier
Happy but fish free
Time to clean the glasses and finish the beers

There were some special people about

Very special

Very Super Special

Full of cheese

Hmmm where did that smell come from?

I think we found the answer, form the mallard
And so the sun starts to set.
Or does it?

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