Friday, September 02, 2011

Hitting the streets of GBorg - Produce to Port to Porter

After getting very excited by the produce that I saw, it was time to see what else we could locate in the city of Göteborg. As I may have mentioned previously, I have been to Göteborg before, some 13 years previous. All I remember was having fun in the Tivoli precinct and pretty Swedish girls. So now it is a chance maybe to be more cultural.... one would hope anyway.
Planning ahead.
Always a good idea especially if you know if you are in a city with a church and little houses.

Sea ports and flags, kind of goes like Pickles and Sausage

Unless all of a sudden the flags change format somewhat.

I liked the sad little puppy type creature. It reminds of some of the great pictures by a friend Klaudia who now lives in Malta in the sun!

The Mallard thinking about some manscaping

The cool kids

Even a squirrel needs an iPhone

So not all Swedish girls have great taste....

This one was for one of my students Zuz.

My door fetish kicks in again.

If you are going to make a bridge why not make the balustrades pretty?


Chicken bits

Shell free snail

That is a different shell.... but I am sure it is warm
Next we will stroll to the waterside of Göteborg to see what is about in the port.


Paddy said...

Nice pics again Gee. I'm a fan of your festishes (well, the ones I know about anyway).

Gee Em said...

Thanks Paddy, I have been hopelessly lazy of late. I have about 500 photos to go through but can't get motivated sometimes. It is good to know someone enjoys them! Might help me pull my finger out ;)

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