Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some food finally

I haven't been putting up as many photos of food lately, compared to earlier in my time here in Poland. I have been in a bread baking frenzy over the last few months. Learning about different styles. Mostly focusing on the Polish traditional sour dough variety which is great for many reasons. It is filling, it is all natural, and it has low salt content. It also lasts a longer time than store bought "Western or French" style breads, and it toasts up an absolute treat.

My first ever ciabatta
cuts well

looks decent

Roast new season potatoes, anyone?

Massively mutant strawberry, but it sure tasted good.
Chocolate chocolate chocolate chip biscuits.
Potato pie
Oh yes, it was that good!
Spot of sparkling.
Blackberries, the best of the berries
How you eat them, with muesli, greek yoghurt, bran flakes and great organic honey

Slow cooked beef shank in leek and red wine

A traditional Saturday morning at the markets. Please excuse the plastic bags, but we do reuse and recycle them.... if that makes it mildly better......
I make most of my breads from starter, this is a starter originally given to me by an amazing student I have.  So thanks a lot Miss I.A and your fabulous sister for the starter.  
The mixed milled grains I add for extra fibre
There are many ways to make them. This bread is coming from a well worked dough.

Let it rise then punch it down once or twice.

And you get a great crusty grainy sour dough loaf. Minus any chemicals and E numbers. Great with some home made jams!


Paddy said...

I think you should put a clearly marked warning if you're going to be posting things that look so delicious.

Gee Em said...

Probably true indeed. I always forget about how I get hungry whenever I see photos of food! Point noted.

Paddy said...

Take it as a compliment! As usual, I love your pictures and admire your culinary creativity.

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