Saturday, September 03, 2011

Gotenborg Waterside Ways

So, with the Swedish Cooper having left us we headed to the waterside quays to see what action there was. I do love to be beside the seaside, especially since living in Warsaw, as it just seems forever away. This said I have never even been to the Polish seaside and may find that I absolutely love it, or conversely loathe it. I hear so many differing reports about the Polish seaside. Just a quick stat for you regarding coastlines. My country with a population of 22.7m people has a coastline of 34,218km. Our biggest island has 2833km of mainland coastline where the smallest state has 1800km of coastline. Here in Poland 38.2million people get the chance to share 491km of coastline, where as the longest river the Wisła is 1,047 km long. So when I can see a chance to be beside the seaside without having to share it with too many I guess I should take it, no?

You know you are getting near the sea when you start to see whales.

I do like a different man-hole covers, or are they now politically correctly called People-holes?

The Swedish Lions you heard so much about....

Anchor and tackle

At least the boat is in the right place and colours.

Eye eye eye.
Stormy weather about.
And still the punters pay

I know I bang on about this all the time, but seriously, little details! It isn't that hard. Here is a light pole.

The opposite side of the pole. It just isn't that hard! Get on with it world.
Pointy bits

Strutting about

Meeting up
I just gotta get me some braces!
Gotenborg.... I'm hooked! I should totally be in advertising!

Jump if you want to get a beer! Oh what feeling. I do like your ideas kids, let's get a beer.

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