Thursday, November 03, 2011

And the night starts

So as the night started to fall we drifted about to see what happens.

The crowd starts to disperse

Taking the kids home

But no reason for missing that last icecream.
Yeah time to go.

Head down and head home
A golden eagle

The place of the devils pierogi

The wall mural or old dumpling
Tower Power

There is even a stained glass shop

The streets are clearing

Then the lights start to take effect

Glowing all pretty

Even Nickers gets into it with a solid glow, or is it a fake tan?

The only way is up

Even with the lights on the sky still makes the picture

But it shows how lights can make shapes otherwise blocky more interesting.
Here the light shows two characters eating into the pierniki reserve bank

The remaining emptiness
Now the night has really set in.

So it all comes down to the lighting now

Nothing like the evening movement.
Now Nickers is conducting wedding ceremonies

I do like the little kid on the back right.

For me, black and white can suit the medieval feel of Churches
Tea shop

She really needs that tea to stay awake.
Even though in Torun you can actually see the stars from town they still bring them to you in true customer service.
To see where they fit in, here is a quick panorama of the square.
Mouse traps anyone? Classic, a mouse trap store. Scary.
So is there anything scarier to a grown man in Torun, than mouse traps? Yes, of course.
Jail at night, see the figures in the window watching you.....
Or better yet a woman staring at wedding dresses!

And so folks, here ends our lovely tour of Torun. I thoroughly recommend it to all.

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