Sunday, October 23, 2011

Donkey attack

Something I noticed standing at the corner of Żeglarska and Szeroka in the heart of Torun, was that donkey. This donkey is well made and really quite cute. But it is also stupidly popular with everyone, in the space of 5 minutes, you can tell from the shadows, I took the photos and people with the donkey. I think it would be great to have a webcam on him.

The donkey sculpture is a recreation of an old wooden medieval donkey that once stood in the same place as a means of punishing criminals. You will notice that there are straps on the donkey, which are attached to a metal rod along its back. Originally, this would have been extremely sharp. The prisoner would have been forced to sit down, tied to the donkey and then flogged. Serious cases, even had their legs weighed down so that they would have suffered maximum pain!

Alone for a brief moment.
I love the passing girls expression.

Oh yeah, this looks fun.
Let me hold you there dear. And the bystander expecting tears.

Here he is saying "come on and ride me"
"I'm allergic to animals"

"Let's feed you to the donkey!"
Then later that evening

Newly wed friendly

Oh man, check out that ass
and finally from Russia with love.


Pan Steeva said...

I hope you got some product placement revenue from those pictures.

Gee Em said...

Now there is a great idea! I should send an email I think. Beats working for a living! :D

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