Sunday, October 23, 2011

TSA or Torun Street Action

I think I will always love street photography because it is all about people just being themselves. It is advantageous when you are in a town that has a history of tourism so when taking photos it and you don't feel so out of place.

Let's see what this window of opportunity shows us.

The big Cheese (Sery means cheeses)

into the afternoon they strolled.
The longest legs in town
Pointy bits

Colours. And the start of the stockings.

Unfortunately not as clear as normal but I loved the little girl soaking up the sun.
stroll and chat and shop and chat

I have wanted to take photos of these horrid pants for a long time. They look like black plastic rubbish bags made into some sort of tights. Ugh horrible. Glad I could bring them to attention
The new Checkered Republic

Time for a hot chocolate break

Happy clown pants
Even the Torun teens are cool, or at least wear acid wash jeans

Drinking beer in the sun is like a gun to the head.
I really want to do a series on Polish women and their stockings. There is such variety!

I like that she matched he clothes and accessories to her crutches

I am sure she is clicking to the beat, while her friend digs for the off button to the wind machine.

Hey look I found a Złoty

Patterns are back
Matchy matchy

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