Sunday, October 09, 2011

To run or not Torun, nah.... we'll just walk

With breakfast out of the way, we were charged up for some more seeing of the sights in this really beautiful town. Time to head to the Wisła and see how the river looks here in comparison to Warszawa. But, first some ugly pigeons to photograph.

We also strolled from our breakfast past the statue of Copernicus, which has this lovely fountain with a vomiting fish at the base of him.

Here is the big man, funnily some Polish tourists (and quite rightly) noted that here in Torun he is working harder than in Warsaw as he is standing up, in Warsaw he has a seat.

She just couldn't get him to go with her!

The little things I love.

Locked in.
Locked out.
One of the beautiful facades towards the River.
Also there was a section of footpath with I am guessing names and Runic symbols for that family name.

One of the old city gates onto the Vistula

The Vistula and Jozef Pilsudskiego Bridge

Martazyna and one of the original river tour boats.

Pontoon in the river



Next we head into the neighbourhood known as Bydgoskie Przedmieście. It is amazingly beautiful. It is full of architecture that you would expect to be on a postcard or under protection from the state. Instead it is a really working class area, but it has no bad feelings to it, people thought we were a touch odd snapping photos of the architecture. Then again, in most places people look at us funny when we are taking photos of odd objects or constructions.

Get the alcohol into you if you are over 18, and wear a hoody and sit on park benches

One of the first beautiful facades we saw in the neighbourhood

And they just kept coming

There were great details everywhere you looked
Stained glass probably over 100 years old.

It compliments the building really well and people still enjoy these houses today. Well maybe not enjoy them so much in winter.....

I doubt this still works.

Now remember this photo for a later photo

Simple shadows and tones

You can see the granny looking at the wall wondering, why take a photo of that.

Well worn and well aged red brick with plenty of character
And such superb weather

Details were everywhere.

I found baby cinderella a shoe

The variety of architectural styles in such a small area was amazing.

Then something else out of the ordinary would catch your imagination.
Some more details, and what are they?

Oh they are little lizards. Interesting sentries.

simple and not such a straight photo doors


Needing some love to return to former glory
Meanwhile down on Mickiewicza street

I really like this way of getting curved windows and many of the little windows could be opened as well.
Now time to stroll back into town now.
So that is the really amazing Bydgoskie Przedmieście. Time for some more of the town centre I do believe.

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