Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Back to Piernikiton or more commonly called Torun

This post will be a heck of a lot of photos, as most of the day we toured around the town on our little hooves and saw lots of beautiful things. It is certainly a different town to Warsaw in many ways, some good, some not so good. Over all I think Torun is really a beautiful place and I think I could easily find myself there running a bed and breakfast, maybe called something like "Nicolas Copperpipes" "Copierniki" "Kopernicus not Konfucius" or maybe "Domek Piernikowy bez baba jaga".

So Torun shall now be coming to you in 20 photo packages, as to be honest I went nuts there! It really is a pretty place.
The view from the elevator in the hotel, yes the wall was glass
Early morning sun on the changing leaves
I imagine in winter it would look cool with snow here and bright sun.

The New town market square

Markets in said market square
More of said markets in said square
Either batman or a light fitting, you decide

I hope they didn't pay extra money for a "sun-filled balcony" The tower shows its wrath

A martasaurus

Every Pigeon was kungfu fighting
Beautiful facade on a tasty street. What street is that? I hear you think

You guessed it gingerbread maker street

More facade details of the gingerbread maker street

Even the doors want you to know it is gingerbread maker street
A really pretty mural, a little confusing as you aren't near the sea but..... still pretty enough
 See the whole mural here, smartly done in black and white so you didn't know it had lovely colours!

That's be grate

Yes the roof was not made exact..... still I would LOVE to buy this building and do it up. Any recent lotto winners about?

This is Peter, Peter Griffin.... get it? ahhh wasted on you people!
After this early morning tramping about we were hungry, and wanted to sit outside, alas we found the first real fault with Torun, no one really served breakfast. We had to wait until 1000 to get served here at Manekin. It was however, worth it. I had the cheese, sundried tomato, and ham crepe with spicy (never really in Poland) sauce. It was fantastic!

Marty had gingerbread flavoured one! It too was quite delicious

We got to watch a granny get attacked by pigeons.

For some reason I really like this photo.
So breakfast on day two. Done.

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