Saturday, November 26, 2011

Adders for 2012

As you may have guessed from the previous travel based posts we were on our way to Australia, Straya, the land Down Under, Oz, or as I call it Home. Yes, even though I have a visa here and still feel Polish in some ways, I don't think, without fluent language, any ability to drink straight vodka and a driving death wish, I can truly call myself Polish.

So, how do I bring you the amazing time I spent back in Adelaide without putting you through the fun of sorting out all my "old" stuff in a huge garage, learning to kill millipedes by the millions, eating all the "favourite" foods, or drinking copious amounts of wine, beer, cider, port, whiskey, vodka, oh, yeah, and water. Got to have water......

Rather than bore the pants off you with my extreme witty wordsmithery, I think I shall just post photos up and see how they are received.


Or is that Rainbows.....
Gotta get over that hill for a pot of gold!
Everyone wants to get in on the photos

Looks good in B&W too
Speaking of B&W that is the colours of the local gang

They even try house breaks
Anyone who reads this, knows I like my food but these guys make it hard to....
The non-stop pressure makes you relent sometimes.
So, instead off to the beach for our "traditional" sushi, oh look soft sand!
Good to see some dune life

Big white beach
Sushi to go
I think the quote here is "Yum!"

Can't talk eating
Jump if you are happy
I love this sequence

Paddle fun
Beach bits
More beach bits.


Paddy said...

The sequence shot is really, really good. Could I be a zlodziej and ask for a high pixel version? Would love to print that off and have it framed.

Gee Em said...

Sure thing Paddy check your email.

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