Sunday, July 21, 2013

Product Review - Cornelius - Ciemny Pszeniczny

Cornelius - Ciemny Pszeniczny
   *Product Review*

Brewery: Sulimar
Alcohol: 5%
Volume: 500ml
Cost: 2.90PLN

Reddish brown in colour, a white head with a slight yellow colour to it. Not overly gaseous.

Aroma: Herbaceous and malty sweetness, but overall very light on aroma.

In the mouth: A touch of sweetness, dark chocolatey, a hint of  rhubarb or gooseberry tart. Smooth across the tongue and finishes with this fuity nice tartness.

Drink with: Interesting beer, you could even have it with a desert I would suggest good with a pudding, chocolate is preferred, or maybe golden syrup pudding.... now I am hungry!

 A pleasant beer, easily drinkable, but probably not something you would want to drink more than one of.

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