Thursday, August 01, 2013

About town in the sun.

One day and a stroll about town. Sunshine and the world was our oyster.... 
let's hope it didn't go off in that sun.

Onward through Park Saski, Krakowskie Przedmieście, Stare Miasto and the Rynek.

Tomb of the unknown soldier

Is her nose falling off?

oh a wedding! Who would have thought in the city centre.....

Not everyone is impressed
Getting some Jazzy tunes in the Rynek

I love patterns in black and white.

Wedding evidence

and there they go

And we ended at Wilanow.


Joy said...

Great photos! I often run across weddings esp. by St. Anne's Church in Stare Miasto. Such a lovely setting for a wedding and photos!

Gee Em said...

I always think that you must make millions in the bridal business here! I find weddings everywhere! I hope you are enjoying Warsaw, and thanks for the comments :D

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