Thursday, August 08, 2013

Product Review - Kopernik (Edycja Limitowana)

(Edycja Limitowana)

  *Product Review*

Brewery: Browar Amber
Alcohol: 4.8%
Volume: 500ml
Cost: 4.00PLN
Apperance: Crisp clean with a light head foamy head that did hang around a while longer than many lagers.

Aroma: Nothing really outstanding here, smells of hops to a degree and maybe a little honey and lots of yeastiness in there.
In the mouth: Crisp, light some citrus flavour, hoppy but really, like a good party guest, it doesn't hang around too long.
Drink with: Being a real lager style beer you would drink this with hot, spicy, salty or BBQ flavoured things. So maybe go with some shashlik of Mexican marinated pork.
Overall:  6/10

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