Friday, October 04, 2013

Ireland - Inishmore

This year for Majowka, the national holiday period at the start of May, we went off to Sunny Ireland for a reunion of sorts with the country where we met. We landed in Dublin and drove over to Galway the next day we headed here to Inishmore, an island of Ireland in a group of islands towards Iceland. :) Yes, that was my attempt at a tongue twister. The Aran Islands it shall be today.

The main ferry landing site and beach.

Wanting an Aran Island sweater?

It is really soft.

Celtic cross

Not so lucky star bar.

high strolling.

a pint of another new love, Smithwicks.

Leave nothing but footprints, that means you too seagulls.

Welk it is a pleasure to meet you.

Crab of a day.

Why did the rock blush, because the sea weed. haha.

A great isle for contemplation

Aran Islands are a small group to the West of Ireland and a really lovely place to visit, I would think it is a great place to stay for some time, contemplate, write a book, paint, draw or just generally let your brain do brain things. If you get the chance I recommend you jump aboard a ferry and head there. I doub't you'll be disappointed. You might even get lucky like us and get some fabulous sunshine, even if it was blowing a gale.


Marty said...

Yuuumm... Smithwicks!

Magdalena said...

Can I have a pin of Smihtwicks with a crab of the day, please? :)

Gee Em said...

One Pint and daily crab coming up. Do you want that to go?

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