Monday, September 30, 2013

Ireland - Galway.Galway Bay

This year for Majowka, the national holiday period at the start of May, we went off to Sunny Ireland for a reunion of sorts with the country where we met. We landed in Dublin and drove over to Galway on the west coast. A lovely place to be indeed. Yes, it has been a little while in coming!

Galway Bay
Corrib River front
Local fisherman
More river front
A squinty riverfront, it wasn't that cold. She had a flu.
The grey box on the right is called the Spanish Arch
Even if it isn't super cold, it is time for pint.
Ok, one photo of me, and that is it.
Hot toddy for a sore throat
Nectar of gods.
Steak and Kidney pie.
Hearty soup and soda bread.
  First day, first pint, first pie A good start.

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