Tuesday, September 10, 2013

oh stormy night

On a recent stormy night, I played around a little with some photos. It was when planes were also flying over our neighbourhood which made things even more interesting.


Joy said...

Very cool lightning shots! Do you know what settings you were using to get these shots? I've tried before from our balcony but didn't not get any shots like you did.

Gee Em said...

Hey Joy, First things first you really need a tripod, and I tend to use a variety of settings it depends on the light situation. I used something along the lines of:
Iso 100
aperture 4
Shutter speed 30seconds
I use auto white balance
and of course these are all in the manual setting, as that is all I ever use. I hope it helps :D

Marg W said...

Love the "roads" in the sky !

Gee Em said...

Thanks Marg, they were pretty cool, other than all the noise they make ;)

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